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Infrastructure, as a “Word” sucks!



For a Small Business or Non-Profit it’s MEANINGLESS., might as well be the Cloud. The “word” is meaningless, but the reality is imporant.


Let’s break this down logically and simply

This is your Infrastructure.


If you don’t have a website, get on it. It’s expected and breaking expectations is not good.


Fundamental communication to the world – more than the phone.

Email List

Email marketing has never been bigger. Everyone uses email, one a lucky foe exist without it. 🙂


People are the key to growth, not technology


Planning baby, for yourself and your team. Shared calendars take collaboration to level 12.

Accessible from the Web



If I missed anything or you just think I’m full of it,  please let me know here: {feedback link}



Chris Jones

Is a Small Business secret weapon in Cleveland, Ohio. A Wordpress Ronin and IT Jedi. He's behind the scenes at many Small Businesses and Non-Profits.

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