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Rebooting Gotchas

Forget Hard and Soft Boots. That’s my wife’s area of expertise.

Rebooting is easy, but there are a few gotchas.

If power to your desktop or laptop is cut enough times, you could see data corruption(that’s bad). Could be file in the OS, a particular app, or a document. When a computer boots up or shuts down it has a routine. Like waking up in the morning. In an unfocused haze of confusion I make bee line for the coffee maker. Interrupt this too many times…

NOTE: Don’t give your computer a sip of coffee, it won’t like it.

It will appreciate is proper reboots and shutdowns though. Sometimes you have no choice, in that case you pull the plug.

Pull the plug

You don’t really need to physically pule the plug, save your knees and simply hold down the power button for up to 10 seconds. Every computer is a little different, 10 seconds should do it most cases. This effectively pulls the plug.

Shutdown using the mouse

More often than not, it’s not the computer that’s frozen, it’s an app. Try clicking the the Start (Windows) or Apple(Mac) menu can click restart or shutdown. Then….. wait…… wait some more………. still waiting……..if, after a 10 minutes it still won’t shut down then pull the plug.

Boot up and Restart after pulling the plug

When a computer shutdown or restarts it has some housekeeping to do. Little digital pixies are released to clean up the sink after dinner, put the kids to bed, and lock up the house. So after pulling the plug, Restart using the mouse one time.

Wait.. there is no power button or mouse!

Yep, some machines don’t have power buttons or mice. Routers and Phones are tricksters.


You’ll have to unplug is from the back or the plug. Wait 10 seconds and plug it back in, then the fun begins. You might have to wait a whole 1o minutes until it back to form. 😛

Phones (they’re not that smart)


To reboot morally, hold the Lock button for  few seconds. Then slide to power off . If it’s stubborn, simultaneously hold the Home and Lock button for a few seconds and it will Hard Boot. Done!


Hold the Lock button for a few seconds, then touch Power Off.



Pixies everywhere will thank you. 🙂


Chris Jones

Is a Small Business secret weapon in Cleveland, Ohio. A Wordpress Ronin and IT Jedi. He's behind the scenes at many Small Businesses and Non-Profits.

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